The foundation of the new capital city of Jaipur could be justified by two plausible factors - the political dominance which the State of Amber had already acquired in erstwhile Rajputana under the patronage of the Mughal rulers, and the need for an environment that would be suitable as the new capital of the State. 

Part figure-ground of a city sector
Part figure-ground of a city sector: Nomenclature of the localities in the city suggests that Jai Singh and his architects used names prevalent in the contemporary Rajasthan and Shahjahanabad. The names of Chowks or the squares are indicative of the Mughal planning system inspired from the palatial structures of Shahjahanabad.  © Vastu-Shilpa Foundation

The lack of institutionalization of the scientific knowledge at the mass level was the main degenerating factor behind scientific and technological backwardness in the non-European countries including India, during the pre-modern period. Jai Singh had realized this fact, as he took initiative to establish the astronomical observatories at five different places, and further, tried to institutionalize the mathematical science- on the mass level in India ..

Map No. L.S./14: Original Plan of the Jaipur City, V.S. 1782/1724 A.D.
Map No. L.S./14: Original Plan of the Jaipur City, V.S. 1782/1724 A.D.: Plan prepared by Vidyadhar and associates.