The Escorts factories are located in Faridabad, an industrial township twenty kilometres south of Delhi. They are a clear expression of the architectural philosophy that guides the design of Stein's industrial structures. first, a search for expressive, economical, direct structure based on the most efficient engineering practice. Second, a careful use of local materials, often free-standing brick walls. Third, provision of considerable height to temper the effect of the severe tropical climate, and above such technical considerations as structure and economy, constant attention on creating an attractive ambience both within and around the work space. 

Escorts Factories
Escorts Factories: The structural theme of these factories has been a steel lattice roof organised to derive strength by shape as is the case in concrete shells. The latest design is a series of octagonal framed roofs organised on a 20m x 20m grid and supported on tapered lattice columns. The roof structure consists of 5cm. diameter steel pipes on a triangular grid, and is covered with a reflective roof of corrugated sheet metal. The earlier version is a series of hyperbolic paraboloids: placed alternately and opposite, so that their meetings form an "X" arrangement on the vertical plane – thereby providing convenient surfaces for glazing between the intersecting roof elements.  The steel frame consists of 30cm. diameter pipe columns on an 18m x 18m grid. The roof structure is an intersecting grid of small "T" section members forming a lattice which supports reinforced wood-wool insulation covered with conventional tat felt. Because it is well sloped, the roof is maintenance free and has proved very practical.