On a site of 4 acres in the southern part of New Delhi, this residential development consists of 180 houses designed as apartments on ground and 3 upper floors. Apartments of 3 different sizes are grouped in blocks of 6 houses each which join to enclose garden courtyards regulating the micro-climate as well as providing community open space and access to the front doors of houses.

The interior planning of houses is structured to provide thermal comfort by correct solar orientation and maximum cross ventilation by monsoon breezes.

The structure is formed by parallel load-bearing brick masonry walls supporting short-span reinforced concrete slabs which significantly reduces the cost of construction. The parallel walls also generate deep plan houses with major openings on north and south faces allowing only the winter sun to enter the rooms.

The long east and west walls are either shared between houses or have kitchens, bathrooms, and private open courts/terraces attached which provide mutual shading from the summer sun and protection from hot summer winds.