In the 50th year of School of Architecture, CEPT University, we felt a need to publish a booklet summarizing the various teaching curriculums in the last five decades. They make for a fascinating study, as one can virtually see the history of the key ideas of an educational place emerge by their reading. They not only provide an insight into the changing teaching- learning processes over a period of time, but also give an idea of the way our society and country has transformed and how SA responded to these changes. The study of curriculums becomes the invaluable to understand in depth the teaching pedagogy and directions of education at SA.

This booklet has four different curriculums that have been presented as a reproduction of the original statement of intention, the stream wise distribution of courses and analysis of the various credit loads. The first curriculum of 1963 makes a good study of the foundational moments and aspirations of the school. The subsequent curriculums of 1976 and 1988 make for very interesting comparison and reflect the diverse approaches to teaching learning that have been practiced here. The curriculum of 2001 further reinforces the unique approach and societal relevance of education at SA.

The booklet has been structured in a way to reproduce each of the four curriculums with an introductory text followed by stream and course distribution charts, organized in a circular ring for easy comparison across curriculums. The credit distribution across semesters are then correlated with the various streams to derive varying emphasis and focii across curriculums.