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Decision No.CIC/WB/A/2008/00296/VS/00217 Appeal No.CIC/WB/A/2008/00296/VS

Appellant: Ms. Gita Dewan Verma 1356, D­1, Vasant Kunj,  New Delhi ­110070.

Respondent: Public Information Officer Delhi Development Authority Dwarka Planning Office Mangla Puri, Palam, New Delhi­.

Date of Hearing: 29­5­2012

Dated: 29­5­2012



  1. The appellant filed an RTI application with the PIO on 8­11­2007, seeking information on (a) the 104 acres of farmland earmarked for urban planning in the city’s Master Plan for 2021 that DSIIDC had reportedly acquired for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ); and (b) the development of SEZ in Delhi in general. In this connection, the appellant had requested for information about the applicable provisions of the Master Plan and Zonal Plans, and copies of the relevant decisions and records.
  2. PIO replied to the appellant on 28­11­2007, stating that there is no proposal of any SEZ in the urbanizable area of Delhi. He further stated that a proposal had been received from DSIIDC and was being examined as part of the finalization of the zonal development plan of a particular zone under preparation with the DDA.
  3. The appellant filed an appeal before the first appellate authority (FAA) on 24­12­ 2007, stating that the PIO had not given specific, complete and correct reply to her RTI application. The FAA replied to the appellant on 16­1­2008 informing that the matter related to Master Plan provisions, which was referred to the concerned officers. The matter of providing information in respect of appropriate records or any decisions of the Authority or its Committees/Boards had also been referred to the respective concerned offices. The appellant filed an appeal before the Commission on 11­2­2008.
  4. I heard both the parties in the hearing. The appellant informed that it was a newspaper report that triggered the RTI application with a view to better understand the proposals coming up for the city’s development and the regulatory system in place along with the decisions being taken for ensuring sustainable urban growth.
  5. The appellant stated that she wanted information on (a) specific provisions of Master Plan and Rural Plan; and (b) copies of appropriate records of any decisions/notings of the authority or its Committees/Boards, etc., in relation to the 104 acres in question and the SEZ.
  6. The respondent during the hearing elaborated on various activities of the DDA in connection with the RTI application and the proposals received from DSIIDC under examination of the DDA. Simultaneously,the appellant sought clarifications from the DDA on the above subject.
  7. It is clear that the information sought by the appellant in the RTI application should be provided under the RTI Act, including the development control provisions applicable to the SEZs in context of the Master Plan and Zonal Plans. Copies of any relevant DDA decisions should also be made available.Decision:
  8. The information sought by the appellant in her RTI application dated 8­11­2007 should be provided by the respondent taking into account the observations in paras 4 and 7 above. The respondent should file a compliance report with the Commission within 30 days of the receipt of this order.

Appeal is disposed of. Copy of this order be given free of cost to the parties.

(Vijai Sharma)

Information Commissioner