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  1. File No. CIC/LS/A/2008/0022
  2. File No. CIC/LS/A/2008/0026
  3. File No. CIC/LS/A/2008/0027
  4. File No. CIC/S/A/2009/00059

Appellant : Smt. Minoo Varma

Public Authority : Delhi Development Authority (Through S/Shri P.S. Uttarvar, Director(Plg), H.S. Dhillon, Joint Director(Plg)& Chandu Bhutia, Deputy Director(Plg))

Date of hearing : 06.01.2009

Date of Decision : 06.01.2009

Facts :-

Appeal No. CIC/LS/A/2008/0022 and CIC/LS/A/2008/0027 have been filed by Ms Minoo Varma; Appeal No. CIC/LS/A/2008/0026 by Ms Gita Dewan Verma; and Appeal No. CIC/S/A/2009/00059 filed by Smt Prabha Chand. It has been decided to dispose of these three Appeals by a common order as the issues raised in these Appeals are identical.

2. The matter was heard on 6.1.2009. Ms Minoo Varma and Ms Gita Dewan Verma are present before the Commission. Smt Prabha Chand has authorized Smt Minoo Verma to represent her. The DDA is represented by Shri P.S. Uttarwar, Director (Plg), Shri H.S. Dhillon, Joint Director (MP) and Shri Chandu Bhutia, Deputy Director (Plg). DECISION

3. Both the parties agree that as the information sought in these three appeals and a complaint has to be culled out from different Departments of the DDA, it would be expedient if these three Appeals/Complaint are referred to Shri Ashok Kumar, Additional Commissioner (Plg) – I/ DDA, to examine the requests of the appellants made in these appeals and to furnish the relevant documents to the appellants subject to their availability in DDA records. 

4. The Appellants insist on the execution of these orders in a time frame due to the urgent nature of the matter. Hence, Shri Ashok Kumar is directed to pass appropriate orders in these matters in four weeks time. 

5. These matters are disposed of accordingly.

Sd/- (M.L. Sharma)

Central Information Commissioner

Authenticated true copy. Additional copies of orders shall be supplied against application and payment of the charges, prescribed under the Act, to the CPIO of this Commission.

(K.L. Das)

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