The design of the new design studio and office space for Zanav Home involved the adaptive reuse of an existing, non-descript warehouse set in a large industrial area. The building was to house the administrative functions, design studio and a buyer’s floor for a company that designs, off shore manufactures & exports fabric.

Exterior context
Exterior context

The structure was modified to create two distinct zones that accommodated the administrative functions and studio spaces separated by a 3 storey high lobby space. A additional floor was added within the volume of the administrative area, while the studio space remained 2 floors high. An additional floor was added on the terrace with a light roof and a skylight running along the longer axis.

: Removal of RCC Frame and Masonry inherited structure
: New additions in steel.

Natural light flooded the studio areas through the skylight and cutouts made in floor slabs allowed for light penetration through the floors. The skylight has a dual role of light and ventilation with turbo vents fixed to the roof. The self- shading form of the skylight was designed to block out direct western light. An additional source of indirect lighting and ventilation was created along the periphery of the building.