Map showing the Localities of the Caves.
I.Sculptures from the Katak Caves.
II.Junagarh, plan of caves at Bawa Pyaras Math.
III.Junagarh, two doors in cell K.; 3, column in Uparkot Hall; 4, Wall ornament in ditto.
IV.Junagarh, Rock-cut hall in the Uparkot, plans and section.
V.Kuda plan of Cave VI.; Karadh Cave V.; Sailarwadi, three caves.
VI.Karadh Cave XLVIII., plan and section; front of Cave V.
VII.Rail at Kuda; Buddhist symbols at Kondane, Bhaja, and Bedsa.
VIII.Kondane, plan and section of Vihara; plan of Chaitya.
IX.Bhaja, plan of several caves and dagobas; section of Chaitya.
X.Bedsa Vihara, plan and section.
XL.Karle Chaitya, plan and section.
XII.Karle Chaitya, pillar and three capitals.
XIII.Karle Chaitya, umbrella.
XIV.Karle Chaitya, part of front screen and two capitals.
XV.Pitalkhora, plan and section of Chaitya; ditto of Vihara.
XVI.Pitalkhora, capitals in Vihara.
XVII.Pitalkhora, cell, plan and sections; Junnar facades at Tulja Lena and Manmodi.
XVIII.Junnar, plans and sections of several caves.
XIX.Nasik, plans of Caves III. and VIII.
XX.Nasik, door of Caves III.
XXI.Nasik 1, pilaster in Cave III.; 2, dagoba in ditto; pillar in Cave XV.
XXII.Nasik frieze in Cave III.
XXIII.Nasik 1, pillar at Sailarwadi; 2, do. at Bhamchandra; 3 and 4, capitals at Nasik, Cave VIII.
XXIV.Plan and section of Chaitya Cave XIII.
XXV." door of Chaitya.
XXVI." plans of XIV. and XV., and section of part of XIV.
XXVII.Ajanta, plan and section of Cave XII.
XXVIIL.Ajanta, plans and sections of Caves X. and IX.
XXIX.Ajanta, old painting from Cave X.
XXX.Ajanta, pillar in Cave XL; shrine door in Cave VI.
XXXI.Ajanta, Cave VII. sculptured side of antechamber.
XXXII.Ajanta, plans of Cave VI. (2 storeys).
XXXIII.Ajanta, plans of Caves XVI. and XVII.
XXXIV.Ajanta, pillar and pilaster in Cave XVI.
XXXV.Ajanta, image and pillar in Cave XVII.
XXXVI.Ajanta, section of Cave XIX.
XXXVII.Ajanta, plan of Cave XIX. (Chaitya) and of Cave XXVI. (Chaitya).
XXXVIII.Ajanta, dagoba in XXVI.; and pillar in Cave XIX. and in Cave I.
XXXIX.Naga Raja.
XL.Ajanta, plans of Cave I.
XLI.Ajanta, frieze in Cave I.
XLII.Ajanta, shrine door and pillar in Cave I.
XLIII.Ajanta, painting in Cave I.
XLIV.Ajanta, ceiling panel in Cave I. and plan of Cave II.
XLV.Ajanta, 1, shrine door in Cave II.; 2, pillar of antechamber; and 3, bracket in Cave XVI.
XLVI.Ajanta, Cave IV., plan.
XLVII.Ajanta, hall door.
XLVIII.Ajanta, pillar.
XLIX.Ajanta, Cave XXI. front of a chapel; pilaster in XXI.; do. in VI.
L.Ajanta, Nirvana from Cave XXVI.
LI.Ajanta, Buddha and Mara in Cave XXVI.
LII.Ghatotkachh, plan of vihara.
LIII.Kanheri, plan of Chaitya, &c.
LIV.Kanheri, Darbar or Maharaja's cave, <&c.
LV.Kanheri 1, Buddhist Litany, and 2, Padmapani.
LVI.Kanheri, Buddha on Padmasana, with attendants.
LVII.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), Buddhist Caves, (Dhcrwara, &c).
LVIII.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), pillars in Dherwara and Tin Thai.
LIX.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), plan of Maharwara.
LX.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), adjoining Bauddha Caves.
LXI.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), front of shrine in the 6th Cave.
LXII.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), plan of Viswakarma.
LXIII.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), pillars in Viswakarma.
LXIV.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), Tin Thai, plan, ground floor.
LXV.Elura (2nd, 3rd, and 4th), Upper floor, Tin Thai and Aurangabad Cave VII.
LXVI.Aurangabad Cave III.; 1, plan; 2, pillar; and 3, pilaster.
LXVII.Badami Caves I. and III. and Aihole Cave.
LXVIII.Amba Cave, plan.
LXIX.Bhamburde Cave, plan.
LXX.l,Dhokeswara; 2, Ravana-ka-Khai, plan.
LXXI.Elura, pillar and pilaster in Ravana-ka-Khai, plan.
LXXII.Elura, Saptamatras in Ravana-ka-Khai, plan.
LXXIII.Elura, Das Avatara, plan, ground floor.
LXXIV.Elura, upper floor.
LXXV.Elura 1, Narasinha from Das Avatara; 2, Trimurti.
LXXVI.Elura 1, plan in Rameswara; 2, plan of small caves.
LXXVII.Elura door of Rameswara.
LXXVIII.Elura door of Cave XX.
LXXIX.Elura, Dumar Lena, plan.
LXXX.Kailasa, Dwajastambhas in Indra Sabha and Kailasa.
LXXXI.Kailasa, plan of lower floor, Kailiisa.
LXXXIA.Kailasa, plan of upper floor, Kailasa.
LXXXII.Kailasa, elevation.
LXXXIII.Kailasa 1, Gaja Lakshmi; 2, Surya from Kumbarwara.
LXXXIV.Kailasa, pillars and pilaster.
LXXXV.Elephanta, plan.
LXXXVI.Elura, Parswanatha image.
LXXXVII.Elura, Indra Sabha, ground floor.
LXXXVIII.Elura, Indra Sabha, upper floor.
LXXXIX.Elura, Indra Sabha, door of shrine.
XC.Elura, Jagannatha Sabha; 1, lower; 2, upper floors.
XCI.Elura 1, Indra; 2, Tirthankaras.
XCII.Elura pillars.
XCIII.Dharasinha, Cave I., plan.
XCIV.Ankai-Tankai Cave I., plans and sections.
XCV.Ankai-Tankai door of Cave I.; 2, map of Tirthankara.
XCVI.Ancient Vihara at Bhaja.
XCVII.Ancient Vihara at Bhaj, elevation and sections.
XCVIII.Ancient Vihara at Bhaj, sculptures.