The buildings of this complex house the first semi-conductor (electronic-chip) factory in India and contain innumerable computers involved in the production process. An attempt was therefore made to associate more with advanced technological concepts than with historical traditions. The complex reflects associations with Silicon Valley of America and certain traditions of Japan, both countries being collaborators in the project. 

The research and Development Building is clad in block glass surrounded by a severe white frame of concrete masonry. The glass wall is evenly divided with mullions and transoms in the 'late modern' style of the West Coast, U.S.A.. Inside this glass clad box are two densely landscaped courtyards. The R. & D. building is placed in he edge of a two-acre artificial lake used as a chilling pond. On the other side of the lake is the production building which reflects images from Japan: a curved ribbed roof; round columns and beams, detailed as in timber. These invoke the inner passages of Japanese temple courtyards. — Chatterjee, 1985