Housing units for the research institute’s staff – ground floor walk-up units built within the constraints of existing landscape. The plan is based on a square with open corners oriented towards the prevailing breeze direction.
Building Block
Building Block: "Every pocket brings a sense of shelter with it. With the notches in the plan, the existing landscape was kept as it was, creating an inner courtyard" © Anant Raje Foundation

Uncluttered usable space demands peripheral structure forming an enclosure; spaces that harbour the staircase; and toilets are outside this enclosure, ensuring efficient utilization of habitable space. The freedom of arrangement of the layout of rooms is guided by strict structural enclosure constraints, and openings for light and air in the most appropriate places. The open terraces in every unit reflect the response to the local climate. Each unit has three-anda- half sides open for both light and cross-ventilation. Together, the layout brings a sense of connected clusters.