This project was part of an ambitious scheme of the government to provide housing units for the low and middle-income groups.
Exterior in 1987
Exterior in 1987: The site covers 47,000 square feet in the residential area of Defense Society, it is bound on two sides by vehicular roads and separated by a canal from the Katchi Abadi (Squatter Settlement). © Kazi Khaleed Ashraf/Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Comprising of  787 low-cost dwelling units arranged in 14 clusters of single, two-storey, and three-storey blocks, the  project attempts to provide a large number of low-cost, one- and two-room housing units based on the living pattern of the urban poor of Lahore. Units are of two categories:  1. category one measures - 12ftx45ft, and consists of a room, a covered verandah, and an enclosed courtyard; and 2. category two consists of two rooms, a verandah, and a courtyard.  In both cases, the kitchen forms an enclosure within the verandah, the WC, and bath open onto the courtyard. 

General view, streetscape in 1987
General view, streetscape in 1987 © Kazi Khaleed Ashraf/Aga Khan Award for Architecture

In spite of the cost-constraints, it was important to create an interesting and lively environment which would suit the lifestyle of the people. The narrow pedestrian streets for example at once function as a children's' playground, a place for socialising where people take their charpoys (string beds) out, a vendors' selling place and provide space for interaction.