This project essays empathy, sometimes contempt, that I felt everyday; for the familiar yet anonymous commuting millions like me. It portrays the train's interior as a leveler - a strange and perverse vehicle of human equity. No different from the people I show – I how we escape the crowd into exhausted stupor. How the tired suburban life of shuttling between home and work shows through our faces and bodies, irrespective of affluence or poverty. How the masks we wear are torn away in this world that exists in a journey of 50 Minutes.

I was equally a participant in this journey. Notwithstanding the assault on my senses, I learnt how to carve out gaps with my legs, shoulder, elbows and hands; to raise my head above the sweating, heaving bodies, gasping; using my fingers to create an inch to hang on to the suspended handlebars. I found a strange solitude; albeit trapped in this moving cage of chaos, noise, movement and conversations.