• J.H. Ansari
    B.Sc.Engg. Civil (Aligarh), PG. Diploma TCP (Hons.), MURP (Toronto), FITP M.EAROPH, M.ISOCARP Professor and Head
  • Souro D. Joardar
    B.Arch. (Hons.), MCP, M.S. Comm. & Reg. Plng. (Canada), Ph.D. (Canada), FITP Professor
  • Mahavir
    B.Arch., MURP, PG. Dip. (Remote Sensing) The Netherlands. Ph.D. (The Netherlands), FITP Assistant Professor
  • Raman Dev Surie
    B.Arch., MCP (Canada), AIIA, AITP Assistant Professor
  • Ashok Kumar
    M.Sc. (Geography), MP (URP), Ph.D. (Liverpool, U.K.), AITP, ANIUA. Assistant Professor
  • Ritu Shankar
    M.A. (Geography), MURP, AITP Lecturer
  • Mayank Mathur
    B.Arch., M.Housing, P.G.Dip. (Housing, Planning and Building) The Netherlands, AITP. Lecturer
  • Rabidyuti Biswas
    B.E. (Civil), M.R.P, AITP, AlE, MISRS, Lecturer
  • Poonam Prakash
    B.Arch., MP (Housing), AITP Lecturer
  • Kusum Lata.
    B.E. (Civil), MP (Regional), AITP Research Associate (upto December 31, 1996)
  • Mohd. Monis Khan
    M.A. (Geography), MP (Regional) Research Associate (since January 13, 1997)

The Visiting Faculty for the Department comprises of experienced and devoted professionals from academic and professional organisations.