The planning and development of human settlements is becoming a most engaging task with the passage of time. Emerging socioeconomic and cultural realities, coupled with technological advancement and a rapidly growing population are making it imperative for physical planners to seek new options for the development of human settlements at -all levels. In addition to metropolitan areas and cities, the smaller towns and villages also need due attention of qualified physical planners. For a long time, a need was being felt by the concerned professionals and academic institutions for a full fledged undergraduate course in Planning. In tune with the reputation of being a pioneering institution in this field and with the experience of more than 40 years in planning education, the school took a lead in instituting the first ever Bachelor of Planning programme in the country in 1989 with an annual intake of 20 students. This programme in Planning aims at meeting the variety of emerging needs of physical planning in the country

Earlier, in India, planning education was only imparted at the post- graduate level. In commencing the Bachelor of Planning (B.Planning) Programme, the School has given an entirely new direction to planning education in the country. This programme is expected to have a far reaching impact on the content, quality and status of planning profession in India.