The School now offers full-time courses in

 I. Bachelor's Programmes

  1. Architecture
  2. Planning

 II. Master's Programmes

  1. Architecture with specialization in
    1. Architectural Conservation
    2. Industrial Design
    3. Urban Design
  2. Building Engineering and Management
  3. Landscape Architecture
  4. Planning, with specialization in
    1. Environmental Planning
    2. Housing
    3. Regional Planning
    4. Transport Planning
    5. Urban Planning

Some of these courses are offered by no other Institution in the country The School also offers Ph.D. Programmes in all these fields of knowledge. As an extension of various programmes related to human settlements, the School has established Centres of Research in Rural Development, Environmental Studies, Architectural Conservation, Urban Studies, Housing Studies. Transport Studies, Analysis and System Studies, and Advanced Studies in Architecture. The School of Planning and Architecture has one of the largest collection of books and journals in Asia. In addition to different departments and centres engaged in running the respective courses, the School also has facilities like workshop, audio-visual unit and a lab for imparting information on basic concepts of aerial photo-interpretation and remote sensing. The documentation and publication unit publishes journals, abstracts etc., to keep pace with the latest information in planning and architecture. For the overall. development of their personality, the students get an opportunity to show their talents through organising festivals and cultural activities e.g. Utopia, Dramatic Club, NASA, NOSPLAN etc. Students also take an active part in coordinating with other organisations such as Spic-Macay MACH and the Alumni Association for cultural and other activities.