Admission to the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Planning is made through an Entrance Examination comprising of two tests: Test-I and Test-II.

Test-1: General Knowledge, Scholastic Performance and I. Q. Test

This test aims (a) to judge a candidate's awareness of the life around him; this may include topics and subjects which a person at the candidate's age is normally expected to know-, (b) to measure the level of scholastic achievement; that is designed to measure the candidate's understanding of the subjects of studies at the Higher Secondary School level and ability to apply concepts and principles for problem solving; and (c) to assess the general level of intelligence of the candidates. Test-I consists of objective type of questions having multiple choice answers.

Test-II: Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test for Planning : The candidates through this test are assessed for their ability to comprehend, write, and listen and their general awareness about environment, society and human habitation.