Boorhán-ud-deen Kootub-ool-Alum was descended from the Syuds of Bokhára, and grandson of a famous saint who is buried at Ooch, on the Sutlej. He was attracted to the court of Ahmed Shah, and settled at Butwa, about six miles from Ahmedabad, where he died in A.D. 1452 in the odour of sanctity. The pious nobles of the court of Kootub Shah an d Mahamood Begurra reared over his remains first a small shrine, and then a vast mausoleum (Plate 60), which in proportion and design is equalled only by the contemporary tomb at the city of Mahmoodabad. The aisles are arched and vaulted throughout, and the dome is raised high in air by a second tier of arches. The structure and proportions of the whole will be best understood from the annexed elevation. The outer aisles have now, unfortunately, fallen, and the perforated stonework which must have filled the upper windows, if not also the outer arches below, has entirely disappeared. The monument itself is of most elaborate workmanship, and is surmounted by a richly-inlaid canopy. A large polygonal tank, a mosque, and a tomb for one of the saint's sons, were subsequently added.