Over the past three years, academic interest in nineteenth-century photography from India has been growing at a rapid pace. Seven significant books, as well as numerous important articles, have been produced during this period. Of the seven volumes, three have been general surveys of the topic, each book presenting a broad history of photography in India and each book marking an important exhibition. These titles include: India through the Lens: Photography 1840-1911 (2000), India: Pioneering Photographers 1850-1900 (2001) and Reverie and Reality: Nineteenth-Century Photographs of India from the Ehrenfeld Collection (2003). Of the other four publications, Traces of India: Photography, Architecture and the Politics of Representation (2003), is the only one to employ a thematic approach and examines the photographic representation of Indian architecture. The remaining volumes address the work of individual practitioners such as the Greek photographer Felice Beato 1