Model Houses Constructed  in the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION on Low-cost Housing, 1954

FOREWORD: The announcement by the Ministry of Works, Housing and Supply of the Low-Income Group Housing Scheme has resulted in a great demand for the plans and specification of the model houses which were constructed in New Delhi at the time of the International Exhibition on Low-Cost Housing.

This small booklet, therefore, reproduces from the Exhibition Souvenier issued in January 1954, the photographs, plans and specifications of the various houses set up during the Exhibition by the State Governments, Central Government research institutes and construction agencies, individuals and private parites.

Model Houses Section

The plans and specifications of the houses given in following pages are those which have been constructed in the Model Houses Section of the Exhibition. The number given at the top of every page indicates plot number where the actual house is constructed. The name of the agency whether Government or private is given below the plan. The technical abbreviations used in the specifications of plans are explained below for the convenience of the readers.

  1. A.C. — Asbestos Cement
  2. B.B. — Burnt Brick
  3. B.W.G. — British Wire Gauge
  4. C.B.R.I. — Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee
  5. C.C. — Cement Concrete
  6. C.I. — Corrugated Iron
  7. C.M. — Cement Mortar
  8. C.T. — Country Tank
  9. D.P.C. — Damp Proof Course
  10. D.Q. — Delhi Quartzite
  11. G.I. — Galvanized Iron
  12. G.L. — Ground Level
  13. M.S. — Mild Steel
  14. R.B. — Reinforced Brick
  15. R.C. — Reinforced Concrete
  16. R.C.C. — Reinforced Cement Concrete
  17. S.D.B. — Sun dried brick
  18. W.C. — Water Closet