Reserve Bank of India proposed to construct residential quarters for their officers in Grade A and B/C in Sector 44B, Chandigarh. They also proposed to construct some Public Amenities and maintenance quarters. They were allotted 2.87 acres (13271.36 yards) of land in Sector 44B in 12 separate blocks. Block 1 to 6 are 121’–6” X 66’–9”, Block 7 and 12 are 239.76’ X 66’-9”, and Block 8 to 12 are 145’ -6” X 66’-9”

The bank have specific norms for their staff quarters, but at the same time the Chandigarh Administration has quite rigid zoning and architectural controls. We had proposed sketch plans in keeping with the norms of Architectural Control.

Salient Features

The site is at distance of 4 Km. (approx.) from the main building of the Reserve Bank of India in the city Centre, Sector 17. It is in a rapidly developing residential Sector South-West of Sub City Centre in Sector 34. The shopping and educational facilities are adjacent to the site. In general all the blocks are on level ground.

General Description

As there were different sizes of Blocks, it was necessary to prepare three different designs to fit within the Building Zone of each block. The zoning permits four floors development.

The plans prepared provided 128 flats of grade A (area 750 sq.f.) and 80 flats of Grade B/C (area 1000 Sq.f.) as shown

Blocks Flat Grade A Flat Grade B/C
1 to 6 96 X
7 to 12 X 48
8 to 11 32 32
Total 128 80
It was recommended that in the first phase the
development should take place as follows
Blocks Flat Grade A Flat Grade B/C
4,5, and 6 48 -
7 and 12 - 48

Blocks 1,2,3,8,9,10 and 11 may be developed in the 2nd phase. It was decided to take up the construction of Community Facilities and maintenance staff quarters in the Second Phase.

Site Layou

In each block 9’–9” space in front and 26’-0” space at the rear has to be compulsorily left open. The building is permitted only in a depth of 31’–0” to a maximum height of 48’–9” in each block. The open spaces and main approach roads have also been earmarked. There are no F.S.I. regulations as these have been taken care of by the Chandigarh Administration while preparing the zoning plan. Keeping these in mind the designs have been so prepared that they fit on either side of the street without change of orientation and each staircase serves two flats on each floor. Each block has some open area for common use for children and social/recreational activities.

Building Designs


Scheme I: This design provides Officers quarters of
Grade A (96 quarters)

  Each flat provides:    
1. Living-cum-Dining   233.75 Sft.
2. Bedroom 1   147 Sft.
3. Bedroom 2   103 Sft.
4. Kitchen   82.50 Sft.
5. Bath – W.C.   37.00 Sft
6. Passage etc.   20.25 Sft
7. Balconies   109.7 Sft
  Carpet area (excl. balcony)   623.5 Sft.
  Not counting the balconies, and common, passage and staircase the floor area for
Grade A quarters works out as: 775.00 Sft. for end quarters
  Design efficiency:    
  For Intermediate Quarters = 82%
  For End Quarters = 80.5%

Scheme II: This design provides Officers quarters of
Grade B/C (48 quarters). Each flat provides:

1. Living-cum-Dining   360 Sft
2. Bedroom 1   158 Sft
3. Bedroom 2   142 Sft
4. Kitchen   81 Sft
5. Toilets (attached)   72 Sft
6. Passage etc.   41 Sft
7. Balconies   110 Sft
  Carpet area (excel. Balcony area) = 854 Sft.
  Design efficiency for Immediate flats = 85.4%
  Design efficiency of end flats = 83.5%

Scheme III: This design provides for both grades of
Officers Quarters (32 Qtrs., Grade A and 32 Qtrs. Grade B/C). 

  The standard of accommodation and the carpet areas remain the same as  have been given in the Scheme I and II.    


Electricity – Independent electric supply is proposed for each flat so that each occupant can be billed separately. It is proposed that electric supply to each block is brought by an underground cable and meters at the G.F. level only.

Water Supply - Chandigarh Administration supply metered water on the same basis as to the other private houses. It may be necessary to get the pump house and underground reserve it constructed by the Chandigarh Administration in case adequate head of water is not available. A certain sum of money may have to be deposited with the Administration for this facility.

Drainage: The Administration will have the public sewers in the access roads which are to be provided by them. Sewage will thus be connected to the public sewers form each block independently. The drainage within the blocks shall be provided by the bank. For stormwater, the normal system is to drain the rainwater onto the roads from where it goes into the stormwater drains provided by the Administration.


Each flat will be provided with kitchen fittings (shelves, meat safe, cooking platform etc.), two wardrobes, medicine chest, mirrors, towel rails, and toilet fittings in accordance with the norms of the Reserve Bank.