A man of varied talents, Architect Aditya Prakash of Chandigarh has made a distinctive contribution to Architectural Education in India, for which he was honoured with the IIA-Madhav Achwal Gold Medal, a few months ago. As a researcher. His studies, theories and concepts have been path breaking. As a practitioner he has left a mark on the Architecture of Punjab and Haryana. As a painter his experiments with space, form and colour have won wide acclaim. We are pleased to present some of his work in a tribute to him.

Students form Trivandrum have made a very interesting study of the old fort areas of Cochin. We feature excerpts of it.

A commercial complex at Deolali in the hands of Ar. A. M. Shirgaokar becomes a sculptural articulation of well textured masses and voids.

Sculptor, Cartoonist and of course Architect, Arzan Khambatta had another of his exhibitions of sculptures. His work, very creative, with a touch of humour is delightful.

An industrial building with unusual natural lighting and architecturally worked out structure is what Pramod Beri manages in his foundry design at Kolhapur.

We regret the delay in bringing out the JIIA. We hope to catch up soon.

Signature - Anil Nagrath, Editor JIIA
Signature - Anil Nagrath, Editor JIIA