Location of Project: Shela near Ahmedabad. 
Year of completion: Part completed in 1993. 

This Institute the first of its kind in the country is instituted by Mudra Communications and other advertising Agencies in the country. The programme of 3 semesters deals with broad objectives of training people together in various disciplines and operations connected with the advertising world. 

A site comprising 12 acres on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city, off Ahmedabad- Sanand Highway near Shela village is flat, featureless except broad horizons, agricultural fields and next to a proposed branch of Narmada Canal flowing westwards. 

Main assembly of students in the form of classrooms lecture theatre and project discussion rooms form the core of the complex and the rest of functions of Dormitories, Workshops and Dining Halls form the outer layer with residual external spaces bringing together parts of the entire complex. 

The total student community is limited to 100 students. This Institute is partly completed.