Location of project: Bhopal, India. 
Year of completion: 1990 
Covered Area: 3600 sq. meter. 
Consultant Structural: Mr. Sharad Shah

Public entry to assembly hall and bank
Public entry to assembly hall and bank © Anant Raje/IIA Publications

The office floors with ground and three upper are organised with a main circulation corridor giving access to individual cabins with attached toilets on the south sides and to general offices on the north side. The corridor at two ends links up with two staircases and general staff toilets, utilities, switch room and security personnel spaces. The general offices are so structured in plan as to give attached record rooms and allowing flexible arrangement to partition any particular office space if so desired. 

The building has Kotah stone or Yellow Sandstone grit plaster expressed in the form of regulated panel formation with exposed concrete lintels and floor bands on the exterior surfaces. The same materials also cover the surfaces in the public lobbies, staircase enclosures as well as the interiors of light well and porches. 

The elevated plaza has rough yellow sandstone  paving. The stair steps and lobbies and corridors have polished yellow Jaisalmer stone to give the ambience of warmth inside the building. 

A very close and compact plan not only ensures economy in space utilisation, economy in structural design, economy in overall building expenditure. but a meaningful solution to building in a hot and dry climate. The volumes of the buildings in this complex are progressively growing in height in direct response their functional needs and the forms of building expressing  their wilful character. This then is the summary of the architecture of place making. In this case it is the Head Quarters of the Bhopal Development Authority.