The work of Architect Anant D. Raje has made a profound impact on the Indian Architectural Scene. Belonging to the first generation of Post-Independence Architects, he has contributed enormously to the evolution of contemporary Indian Architecture. 

Born in 1929, Anant Raje graduated in Architecture from Sir J.J. School of Art., Bombay in 1954. He was elected Associate of the Indian Institute of Architects as well as the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

He worked with Architect Balkrishna Doshi for three years on Housing and University projects. He then, won a scholarship to study Industrial Methods and Techniques in Prefabrication Housing Systems in France. After returning, he did professional work at Ahmedabad for three years. 

He joined the office of Prof Louis I. Kahn in Philadelphia in 1964. He worked there for four years on several important Institutional Buildings including the legislative Assembly Building at Islamabad and the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad. This experience was one of the strong influences on his later work.

After a short stint at Paris with Mon. Georges Mourios working on Prefabricated housing units, he returned to Ahmedabad as the local representative of Louis Kahn for five years. 

Establishing his independent practice in 1974, he carried on with new work and extensions at the IIM campus. He has to his credit several Dairy Complexes, Housing Projects in Ahmedabad and Indore, Agricultural Produce Wholesale Markets in New Bombay, private houses and training Institutes. The office Building for the Bhopal Development Authority and the Indian Institute of Forest Management, won him two JIIA Awards in 1992. He won the “Architect of the year: 1990” Award by J.K. Cement Industries. 

Involved with teaching for nearly twenty five years at the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad, he was honoured with the Distinguished Professor Award in 1987. He has been invited to teach at Cambridge, Texas, New Mexico and Rome. 

His achievement lies in his ability to translate the majesty of traditional Indian Architecture, and fuse monumentality and romanticism in his contemporary work. With a strong sense of order in structure, he evolves intuitive solutions for complex urban situations. His work is characterised by a deep concern for Scale - mass and personal, Climatic elements - the Sun, the sky and light, appropriate Material and Historical reference. Integrating architectural & environmental elements with structural needs, he creates spaces of harmony and dignity.

The Indian Institute of Architects is pleased to honour Shri Anant D. Raje with the IIA Baburao Mhatre Gold Medal 1993 for his outstanding contribution to the profession and creative excellence in Architecture, on this 7th day of January 1994 at the National Convention of the Indian Institute of Architects at Madras. 

Prof. Shireesh A. Deshpande
The Indian Institute of Architects