Built on the sea adjacent to the Mobius House, Mobius is receded from the shore by approximately 80 meters as a part of the composition.

Study Model for the Acqa House, Goa: Version 1
Study Model for the Acqa House, Goa: Version 1 © GDK Designs

Aqua house deals with contemporary urban nomadic living conditions and the overwhelming landscape of Goa. The processes are further influenced by the predominant Portuguese house-form with its intriguing intricacies of lives beneath a single roof, and the location. The site forms a threshold: between the village and the beach and between social mooring and vagrancy – Anjuna being the cradle of the Hippy culture.

Loft Floor Plan
Loft Floor Plan: (1) Right-of-Way, (4) Living/Dining below, (17) Pump Room, and (18) Loft © GDK Designs
© GDK Designs
Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan: (1) Right-of-Way, (2) Main Entry, (3) Entrance Verandah, (4) Living/Dining, (5) Deck, (6) Infinity Pool, (7) Outdoor Shower, (8) Guest Room, (9) Guest Wardrobe, (10) Kitchen, (11) Master Wardrobe, (12) Master Bedroom, (13) O.T.S. Courtyard, (14) Master Bedroom, (15) Staff Quarters, (16) Staff Bedroom, and (17) Pump Room © GDK Designs
This beach house is made up of myriad fragments and yet does not break away; its shifting base, torso and head, strive to express a leap of joy, aware of but unperturbed by gravity.