"Early Pregnancy" - Womb for Rent
"Early Pregnancy" - Womb for Rent: Beautiful 40 centimetres diameter womb, fully AC, newly serviced with full-length umbilical chord available for rent to politician of any political party to perpetuate dynasty. Holds up to 3 full-size parliamentary fetuses for upto 9 moths. Cash on delivery. © Gautam Bhatia
Architectural Working Drawings for the design of a Chief Minister
Architectural Working Drawings for the design of a Chief Minister: Scale: 1" = 2'-0", Date: 8 October 2010, Drawn: Gautam Bhatia © Gautam Bhatia
Minister for Poverty
Minister for Poverty: It's true, I find poverty very upsetting. I suppose that's expected of any Indian with a conscience. But really how do you, as a concerned citizen lift 600 million people out of poverty and make them middle-class. It's not easy. Even for people like me in a decision-making capacity, we have to think laterally, and luckily we politicians are almost all, out-of-the-box thinkers. I mean look at my literacy project, hain. There's a great solution, if I say so myself. In Jharkhand I have initiated a new rural education scheme. We ae already distributing Mout Blanc pens to the villagers and to all the tribal areas of the state. Sure, I have a 38% equity share holding in the Swiss company,... © Gautam Bhatia