Hall of Nations. ITPO doesn't want it, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry thinks it holds no currency, and the Delhi Government's Heritage Conservation Ccommittee see no heritage in it. So are there other ways to save it? With this in view, Architexturez sent out a call over social media, we asked anyone, everyone, to 'save' the buildings by placing them everywhere in our imaginary, to see, if the universal values embodied in here can allow it to find new sites in our imagining - if they will endure.

Ram Temple and a warehouse for Patanjali produce
Ram Temple and a warehouse for Patanjali produce © Ram Rahman

"I have been saying that the only way to save modern buildings is to turn them into religious sites. So I thought of placing the Ram Mandir on top of the Hall of Nations, then nobody would dare to touch it. Maybe it will have a deity that appears at night, and in the morning you can have bells ringing, and flowers”.1

  • 1. Ram Rahman in Shiny Varghese, "Take the Fire Exit" in Indian Express: New Delhi, 27th March, 2017