The archaeological excavations were used as an opportunity to conduct short term training programmes for students of history about archaeology, architecture and techniques of excavations. 


  • To date, 26 students have attended training programmes. Of these 16 students from Maulana Azad Urdu University (inclusive of 4 professors) and 10 students (including one research scholar) from Hyderabad University.
  • As part of the field training, students were introduced to Qutb Shahi history and architecture.
  • Students were also given rigorous training in laying out the trenches horizontally and excavating the site with pick axes, shovel and carrying the earth.


  • Students were introduced to the practice of Archaeology and were able to overcome concerns leading to at least five students expressing their intention to pursue higher courses in Archaeology.
  • As the students were informed of the strong link of such a course with Tourism Management, four students wished to pursue opportunities in the tourism sector.
  • The Deccan studies of Maulana Azad Urdu University is now thinking of widening the appeal of the Deccan study centre by inviting students from Andhra, Karnataka and many other universities. In this connection they expressed their willingness to provide lodging and boarding to such students who are coming from other universities.