Details of Queries/Replies for the month of February 2016 under RTI Act

15. ITPO/RTI/02/15/2016: Shri Ankur Goel, Noida

      Information Sought Reply/remarks
15 1.  

Is it true that the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India has given its approval to India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) for demolition of a number of existing structures in Pragati Maidan to construct a big convention Centre to seat 7000 people and to redevelop Pragati Maidan ?

If yes:


Does ITPO have Rs. 1000 Crore to meet the cost of redevelopment of Pragati Maidan, which is estimated at Rs. 2000 Crore?

ITPO may be using Rs.1,000 crore from its own funds (reserves) to meet the cost of redevelopment of Pragati Maidan.

Which Department of the government of India or Private Agency will finance the rest of Rs. 1000 Crore to ITPO?

Yet to be finalized.

Please provide list of Mini-Ratna –1 Category CPSEs under administrative control of MOC&I.

Pertains to Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

Is it true that a number of proposals namely, payment of PRP/Ex-Gratia (since 2009); implementation of Pension Scheme in r/o retired as well as serving employees of ITPO; post superannuation medical benefits to ITPO retired employees, etc., have been pending for final decision since January 2007 on account of the fact that six independent Directors are to be appointed by ITPO to do independent work on these proposals?
If true:

The tenure of independent Directors was completed on 11.1.2015. ITPO initiated timely well in advance action vide CMD’s letter dated 5.8.2014 to DOC for filling up the position of independent Directors which were followed by reminder(s) dated 26.12.2014, 23.3.2015, 21.5.2015, 16.9.2015 & 21.1.2016.


Since when these independent Directors were to be appointed in ITPO?


Has ITPO taken action to appoint these independent Directors? If yes, since when?


How many Independent Directors joined ITPO as of date? Please provide details.

The information may kindly be treated at ‘nil’.


Is it true that Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been receiving a number of requests addressed to the Hon’rable Commerce Minister; Commerce Secretary and Under Secretary from the retired employees of ITPO to resolve their pending issues and grievances, as outlined at Sr. No. 2 above?

If yes;

Pertains to Ministry of Commerce & Industry


Has any action taken by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on these requests except transferring these to ITPO?

If yes;


Please provide details of action taken.

  4.  a)   

Name the officers who are on the panel of Board of Directors of ITPO as of date.


The following offiers (sic!) are on the panel of Board of Directors of ITPO as of date: 1. Shri L.C. Goyal, 2. Ms. Shubhra Singh,  3. Shri J.K. Dadoo, 4. Ms. Anita Praveen, 5. Shri Manoj Joshi,  6. Shri K. Nagaraj Naidu


Does ITPO have all the required number of Board of Directors on its panel?


If not, how many Directors are yet to be appointed/nominated; and since when such positions have been lying vacant?

At least 3 independent Directors, since 12.1.2015 positions have been lying vacant.


What is the number of BOD, ITPO as of date?


6 numbers as per details at 4(a).

   5.   Given the guidelines of DPE, has ITPO opened Corpus Fund for the welfare of its employees?

If Yes;

It has been conveyed by the Division concerned that there is no such fund created so far. However, the matter is under active consideration

     a) When was the Corpus Fund opened by ITPO (please provide date and year of opening the fund);  
     b) What was the opening amount in Corpus Fund?  
     c) How much fund is available in this Corpus Fund as of date?  

Has ITPO started utilizing the Corpus fund for the social welfare of its employees, retired as well as working ones, If yes; since when: and


What were the activities where a part of this fund has been utilized? Please provide details year wise.

  6. a)

What has been the net profit and loss of ITPO since April 2006? Please provide figures year wise?

Detail(1 page) of statement is enclosed.


What percentage of profit has been transferred to Corpus Fund every year since its inception? Please provide details year wise?


What is the source of income of ITPO other than selling of space; renting of kiosks in Pragati Maidan and how much that contributes in the total income of ITPO? Please provide details.