No.5(3)/2006-HCC No.6(3)/2005-HCC No.15(1)/2006-HCC
No.8(1)/2006-HCC No.5(4)/2006-HCC No.15(2)/2005-HCC


1. Shri S.M. Acharya 
Additional Secretary 
M/o Urban Development
2. Shri O.P. Jain
Convener, INTACH 
3. Prof. K.T. Ravindran
Urban Designer, SPA
4. Shri Sanjib Sengupta
Chief Architect, NDMC
5. Shri M.M. Kanade 
Archeological Survey of India
6. Shri Subhash Kapoor 
ADG (Arch), CPWD 
7. Prof. A.G.K. Menon 
Conservation Architect 
8. Shri D.S. Meshram 
Urban Designer
9. Smt. Madhu R. Mehta
Secretary, DUAC
Member Secretary
10. Smt. Indu G. Chowdhury 
Architect C/o ADG(Arch) CPWD
11. Shri Ashok Dhiman
Architect, CPWD 
12. Shri Sudhir Seem 
Architect (Senior Architect-I CPWD) 
13. Shri N.D. Bhardwaj 
ACP/Police HQ Land and Bldg. 
14. Shri Rajeev Sood 
Dy. Chief Architect, NDMC 
15. Shri S. Agarwal 
16. Shri Manish Verma 

Item No. 4: Proposal in respect of Optimum Plan of Pragati Maidan.

(a) A reference received from ITPO was taken up for consideration and also discussed with the concerned officers of ITPO and their consultant. The consultant of ITPO presented the proposal before the HCC.

(b) The HCC observed that the most important aspect of protected monuments of Purana Quila in the immediate vicinity of Pragati Maidan had not been taken into consideration in the proposal and had been totally ignored.

(c) The clearance of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) should be obtained in the first instance.

(d) It was observed that the proposal should be shown in context of the existing heritage. A detailed presentation was required to be made.

(e) The area already allotted to the Supreme Court of India by the Competent Authority need to be clearly shown in the plans.

(f) The existing situation and the future requirements need to be shown clearly. The proposal lacked clarity.

(g) The HCC expressed its apprehensions with regard to the capacity of the existing roads net work parking etc. for which detail traffic transportation study would be required to be done.

(h) The ITPO officers and their consultant were advised to submit the detailed proposal as per foregoing observations for consideration of the HCC.