B. Other matters/Letters: 

Item No. 2. Conservation of Contemporary Architectural heritage of Delhi. 

A note on the subject received from Delhi Urban Art Commission was placed before the HCC. The Commission has observed that the authorities concerned in Delhi have taken up aspects of preservations and conservation of number of pre-independence architecture of various periods but hardly any work has been done to identify for preserving and conserving the buildings of immense architectural value/character of the contemporary period viz post independence time in Delhi. The Commission had requested the HCC and also INTACH to take up an exercise for identifying such buildings existing in the post independence period which have great architectural and aesthetic value and consider listing them as notified buildings for their conservation and preservation.

2. A letter no. ND/412(HCC)/314 dated May 14, 2013 on the subject had also been received by the HCC from Convener, INTACH, Delhi Chapter about the need of conservation/preservation of contemporary architectural heritage of Delhi. A tentative list of 62 such post independence buildings which have immense architectural value in term of their iconic or associational status as modern heritage buildings of Delhi had been received alongwith the letter.

3. Prof. A.G.K. Menon the Convener of INTACH, Delhi Chapter was present in the HCC meeting. The matter was also discussed and deliberated with him. The following observations were made:-

(i) The idea of conservation of contemporary architectural heritage of Delhi was endorsed by the HCC. It was suggested that there was need to fix up criteria for identification of such more buildings.

(ii) To start with a listing of the institutional buildings could be done based upon certain guidelines. The criteria would be required to be clearly defined.

(iii) Some authority/agency has to take up the rating system for the purpose.

(iv) Design and landscape aspects would require to be given due consideration while framing any rating criteria.

(v) The norms so devised should be more realistic .

4. It was accordingly decided to take up the matter with the local bodies and INTACH to initiate such an exercise urgently. 

(Vinod Kumar)