Session Number:  202
Date of Debate:  15-Jul-2004
Debate Type:  Part 1(Question and Answer)
Debate Title:  Construction of buildings in foreign countries
Question Number:  417
Question Type:  Unstarred
Questioner Name:  DATTA MEGHE
Page Number from to:  69-73
Minister's Name:  RAO INDERJIT SINGH
Issue Date:  12-Oct-2009
Appears in Collections: Part 1 (Question And Answer)

[15 July, 2004]
Rajya Sabha

Construction of buildings in foreign countries

417. SHRI DATTA MEGHE: Will the Minister of EXTERNAL AFFAIRS be pleased to state:

  1. whether Government have signed up contracts for constructing buildings in foreign countries on the plots it had leased more than a decade ago;
  2. if so, the details thereof;
  3. by when the construction of these buildings is likely to be completed and by when they are likely to be occupied;
  4. whether Government have fixed responsibility for delay in taking decision for construction of buildings and leaving the plots vacant for such a long period; and
  5. if so, the details thereof and the action taken against them?


(b) to (e) The Ministry of External Affairs has adopted a double- pronged approach which focuses on development of properties and also lays emphasis on purchase of properties, both aspects combining to fulfil the recommendation of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for External Affairs to bring down the financial liability of Government of India on rental office buildings and residences abroad.

  1. The Ministry has intensified its efforts to develop Embassy Complexes in plots of land made available to Government for construction of Chanceries and residences. The Foreign Secretary chairs a committee for monitoring construction projects and a sub-committee headed by Additional Secretary (Human Resources) meets on a weekly basis to review the progress of projects.
  2. The Ministry has completed implementation of construction projects for Embassy Complexes in Berlin and Abu Dhabi, a Cultural Centre in Mauritius and an Embassy Residence in Gaborone. During the financial year 2003-2004, the Ministry also purchased 3 properties in Chicago, Panama and Prague, stations which had been identified by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs for having high rentals.
  3. The Ministry is in possession of 20 plots of land/properties for which planning and execution of projects (construction and redevelopment) are in varying stages of implementation. Contracts have been signed for 15 projects with Consultants. Financial approval has been obtained for projects in 5 stations (Beijing, Doha, Geneva, Muscat Trinidad and Tobago) and proposals pertaining to the remaining projects are under process for finalisation of the design and for obtaining financial approval.
  4. The tentative time-frame for execution of a project after signing of contract with an Architect/Consultant, is 6-9 months for pre- construction planning, processing of approvals and award of contracts; 18-24 months for construction of the complex; and 3.months for completion of interiors. Each major project takes approximately 3 years for completion.
  5. The Ministry is also in the process of constituting a separate Division which will deal with Projects specifically. This will ensure that the implementation of projects which are on the anvil will continue to be processed for implementation. Details of project proposals of the Ministry of External Affairs, giving their present status, are attached as statement (See below)
  6. In view of the numerous procedures involved, both in stations abroad where the Mission is governed by local rules and regulations, and in processing of approvals within Government, fixing a definite time frame for the implementation of the projects has proved difficult. The processing of these projects has been an on-going exercise over a period of time and a multiplicity of officers and institutions are involved, thereby making the fixing of responsibility a complex matter. However, Government attaches high priority to the expeditious completion of planned projects and is moving resolutely to achieve this goal.


Construction Projects Abroad

Station Project Present Status
Abuja Construction of Chancery and Embassy Residence Foundation stone laid by PM on December 5, 2003. Contract with M/s. C.P. Kukreja Associates, Architects signed on January 9, 2004.Cost estimate of project under consideration of financial authorities.
Beijing Construction of Chanery and Residences Contract signed with M/s Raj Rewal Associates and Architect- Consultant. Financial approval obtained in July, 2003. Local contracts signed by Mission in March, 2004.
Brasilia Chancery, Embassy Residence and Officers Residences Design of M/s. Paranhos selected on September 30, 2003. Contract with Architect being signed by Mission.
Dar-Es- Salaam Construction of Chancery Selection of archiect by Project Design Selection Committee, chaired by Foreign Secretary, being finalised.
Dhaka Construction of Chancery and Residences Concept design of five shortlisted architects received on May 31, 2004 and being examined. Selection of architect to be finalised by Project Design Selection Committee.
Doha Construction of Chanery and Embassy Residence Approved by Ministry of Finance in January, 2003. Unfortunately, delay has occurred because local government has shifted the site of land allocated to India.
Geneva Renovation of PR's Residence Contract with Consultant signed in June 2004.
Islamabad Construction of Residences Contract signed with M/s Sachdeva Architects Property team visited Islamabad in May 2004 to revise design concept.
Kabul Construction of Chancery and Residences Project design finalised by CPWD and under examination of Ministry. CPWD requested to submit cost estimates.
Kathmandu Construction of Chancery and Residences Contract signed with M/s. Akshaya Jain and Raka Chakravarty as Architects in April, 2004.
Kyiv Demolition and reconstruction of residences Local Architect selected and contract signed by Mission in June, 2004.
London Construction of 6 residences in 8 South Audley Street M/s Axis Mason selected as Architect-consultant and contract being singed by Mission in July, 2004.
Moscow Construction of Residences and School Contract signed with M/s Consulting Engineering Services Ltd. Cabinet approval being processed for financial proposal.
Muscat Construction of Chanery and Embassy Residence Contract signed with M/s Babbar & Babbar as Architect- Consultants. Tender documents for award of construction contract under consideration.
Paramaribo Construction of Indian Cultural Centre Design brief being finalised in Consultation with the Mission.
Port Louis Construction of Chancery complex Short list of architects approved by Ministry. Inputs for design brief received from Mission, but site of land has been shifted by local Government.
Singapore Renovation of Embassy Residence, Construction of two residences Renovation of Chancery and Residential Blocks Contract signed with local consultant. Financial proposal under consideration of Ministry of Finance.
Tashkent Construction of Embassy Residence, Chancery and Residences Contract signed with Mr. Romi Khosla as Consultant. Final design and cost estimates submitted by Architect being examined.
Trinidad & Tobago Construction of Cultural Centre Financial approval obtained in May, 2003. Revised drawings being finalised by local architect.
Warsaw Construction of Chancery and Residences Contract signed with M/s Sachdeva Eggleston as Architects. Financial proposal being processed with competent authorities