The town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh was an important centre under the Sultans of Mandu in the fifteenth century. In the course of conducting a study of the town with a view to developing a coordinated conservation plan, we surveyed historic places in the neighbourhood including the temple sites of the Prafiharas and other medieval dynasties. During the 2007 field-season our attention was drawn to a building at a place called Behti in the hinterland of Chanderi by Muzaffar Ahmad Khan. He had visited the spot in the 1990s and noted the building in his book Canderi: Itihasa aur Virasat.1 Based on his comments, and with his enthusiastic support and that of others in Chanderi, we decided to visit the location. The result was the discovery of a reasonably well-preserved temple of the Gupta period. The purpose of the present notice is to bring this important find to the attention of scholars.

  • 1. Muzaffar Ahmad Khan, Canderi: Itihasa aur Virasat, Canderi, 2005, p. 152.