Amritavarshini Vaav, Panchkuva
Amritavarshini Vaav, Panchkuva © Anthill Design
Amritvarshi ni vaav
Amritvarshi ni vaav: This vaav at Panchkuva lies within the walled city of Ahmedabad adjacent to the Panchkuva darwaza which is one of the original walled city gates built in 15th century. According to the Sanskrit and Persian inscriptions in the stepwell, this well was built in 1723 A.D. by Raghunathdas. Dug to a depth of over 50 feet with sparse ornamentation, it is notable for its L-shaped plan and a variety of branching arches. It was declared a protected monument under the Gujarat Ancient Monuments, and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1965. Later in 2004, it was replenished by digging further. © Anthill Design