Several studies were carried out last year including the peer review of the landscape master plan prepared by M Shaheer. A detailed analysis was also carried out to study the slope analysis, existing vegetation, contours and elevation and existing drainage of the site. It was agreed that the landscape works would be undertaken together with conservation works in 3 phases.

The discovery of the enclosure wall around the tombs of Sultan Quli further helped in appropriate development of the landscape design for the south west corner. The levels of the area within the enclosure and outside were decided based on the trial trenching made adjacent to the plinth wall of the monuments looking for the dressing on the stones which would have originally been exposed.


  • Following the archaeological excavations revealing the enclosure wall of Sultan Quli’s Tomb garden, the landscape master plan for this area was revised to incorporate discovered features.
  • Landscape architect, M Shaheer sensitively proposed grading of earth levels north of Ibrahim’s Tomb to ensure portions of the discovered enclosure wall remained above ground and visible.
  • The central location of the tomb within the enclosure wall lent itself to a char-bagh landscape layout and the building of the central pathway of the southern side was commenced.
  • Over 1000 cubic meters of filled earth was removed manually to reach the original levels of within the enclosure and the landscape design was developed accordingly to the levels determined. Sample of the local stones for laying the pathways  werefinalised and samples of the design for the pathway was approved. 40-50 mm thick Tandoor stones were laid to slope and pattern over a layer of recycled cement concrete held by retaining brick wall on the sides connecting the tombs of Jamshed Quli, Sultan Quli and the south side of the enclosure wall.
  • 40-50 mm thick Tandur stone over a layer of recycled cement concrete is being laid for the pathways along the enclosure wall as per the Landscape design.
  • The plinth protection of the tombs of Sultan Quli Qutb Shah, Jamshed Quli Qutb Shah and Kulsoom Begum were dismantled to restore original earth levels and re-laid to adequate slope outwards as per a carefully designed pattern.