In continuation with the documentation carried out in 2014, detailed documentation of the monuments were carried out on the tombs of Sultan Quli, Subhan Quli, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, Hamaam and archaeology apart from the smaller monuments where conservation works have commenced.


  • 3D Laser Technique was used for detailed documentation of the Archaeology and the tombs of Sultan Quli, Ibrahim Quli, Jamshed
  • Quli as well as the Hamaam.
  • A grid of 3 mm x 3 mm grid was used to document the details on the archaeology site.
  • Upto 1 mm x 1 mm grid was used to document the details on the monuments.
  • The amount of scan data generated has been stitched together for better understanding.
  • Regular photo and video documentation of the works have been continuing on the site.
  • Comparative photos capturing the change in the monument following the restoration of details have been done for all the works.
  • Comparative analyses of archival images with the present-day images have helped us reveal the original profile of the building.
  • Video documentation of the works has helped in maintaining an exhaustive record for process-documentation for future.
  • Aerial photography of the site is being carried out regularly to record the changes in the complex following the restoration,
  • archaeological exploration and landscape restoration of the complex.


  • Similar exercise of 3D Laser Scanning technique needs to be carried out for the all the monuments in the complex.
  • The photo and video documentation of the site would continue to capture the changes and the process of restoration works.
Architectural Documentation & Condition Assessment
Architectural Documentation & Condition Assessment: Through 2012, exhaustive recording, documentation, condition assessment, surveys and research exercise carried out by the multidisciplinary Aga Khan Trust for Culture team as a precursor to the Conservation Plan includes over 2000 such drawings. © Aga Khan Trust for Culture
3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning: Before the commencement of any conservation works, a rigorous process of archival research and documentation is followed. One of the key aspects of documentation works is exhaustive high resolution photography of all stages of conservation works, prior to commencement of works. Laser Scanning is used for accurate architectural documentation and condition mapping and detailed 3D representations of the monument. Laser beams are bounced off the building to create an accurate and complex data set which is used to create solid 3D models and accurate 2D drawings. [Inset]  Point Cloud data generated from 3D Laser scanning is converted into architectural drawings © Aga Khan Trust for Culture