Located to the west of the tomb of Ibrahim Quli set within the cluster of 10 monuments in the south west portion of the site, works were taken on Tomb No. 15, in 2014 to arrest the further deterioration of the monument. This included repair of the roof and necessary structural repairs.


  • The ornamental details on the columns, arches, arch crowns and the internal surface were restored.
  • To ensure no water ingress, stones were placed on the existing openings for rain water spouts.
  • The missing portions of the edging stones on the upper and lower plinth were restored with matching texture.
  • To ensure long term preservation, granite stone slabs were laid with lime mortar over a layer of base lime concrete on the flooring of the monument and plinth.
  • The existing plinth wall was covered with cement pointing which was showing signs of damage. Cement was removed and the wall was plastered with lime mortar.
  • The steps, which were earlier missing, were re-instated on the eastern side of the tomb.


Though one of the minor structures in the complex, major conservation works were required to be undertaken here to ensure long term preservation and to reinstate missing structural elements.