Designed in dialogue with the priest and the people from surrounding villages the temple was built through ‘shramdaan’ (self build) by the villagers.

"Temple View"
"Temple View": (1) Corbeled Stone, (2) Inner Sanctum Threshold, (3) Basalt Stone Walls, (4) Approach

Adhering to the East-West planning of traditional temple architecture, the form of the temple chosen evokes in memory, the traditional shikhara temple silhouette.

"Planning Structure"
"Planning Structure": (1) Inner Sanctum, (2) Assembly Hall © sP+a
Skylit Inner Sanctum
Skylit Inner Sanctum © sP+a

Constructed on a shoestring budget, using a local basalt stone [the architects] attempted to sieve out through discussion and associative imagery of classical temple form, distinguishing the decorative components from the essential.