I write for two reasons, one personal and the other public.  The personal reason is one must always indulge in some activity that resists and critiques one’s practice, else practice will degenerate to a habitual reproduction of the familiar.  Critical energy occurs when theory critiques practice, and practice critiques theory, and my personal balance depends on the continuity of this conversation.  But this conversation becomes self-indulgent if it is merely personal, so it must also have a public face.  Practice, since it results in constructed work, is by nature in the public domain.  To give writing this public face, I seek to publish my writing to a wider constituency.  For many years, this was in a formal academic style in the form of conference papers and magazine articles. 

Recently, I realised that the public conversation of writing could acquire a deeper nuance and better continuity if it could be less formal, so for the last couple of years I have also started to write two blogs: one on WordPress on architecture and urbanism and another on Medium which is on politics, philosophy and culture.

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