An institute set up for rural dairy farmers under a programme set up by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in Palanpur, Gujarat, to impart basic training in cooperative dairy farming to villagers in surrounding districts. Set amidst wheatfields, the institute consists of a hierarchy of courtyards enclosed by stone walls.

View of the Farmer's Training Institute
View of the Farmer's Training Institute: Rough stone masonry wall and smooth exposed concrete porches and lintels, used for elements of light, set against the landscape of wheatfields and mango trees. © Anant Raje Foundation, Ahmedabad

The project includes two sets of classrooms with residential rooms for 24 students, dining and other facilities connected with a regular dairy plant.

Institute floor plan
Institute floor plan: 1 Arrival court; 2 Entrance court; 3 Classroom court; 4 Classrooms; 5 Entry to dormitory; 6 Lobby; 7 Light well; 8 Rooms; 9 Entry to dining; 10 Dining verandah; 11 Dining court; 12 Kitchen; 13 Service station; 14 Yard; 15 Amphitheatre; 16 Raised platform; 17 Water pool; 18 Service road; 19 Agriculture fields © Anant Raje Foundation, Ahmedabad
© Anant Raje Foundation, Ahmedabad

The buildings are of load-bearing stone, quarried from nearby quarries. Openings are spanned by concrete lintels, and are deeply recessed to provide shade from the hot sun.