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Director & Head, DEAR Institute, 
Thirupainjili Road, Pandiyapuram, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamilnadu – 621 213.


DHE of MHRD, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi–110001.
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Dear Sirs,

Sub: Amendment of CoA (Minimum Standards of Architecture Education) Regulations, 1983 – reg.  
Ref:    1. MHRD Communication F. No. 4-65/2016-TS.VI dated 19.01.2017.
2. My Representation made by a Communication dated 25.01.2017

Though I have brought this matter earlier, it was unfortunately not taken up for correction. As announced by CoA, it is just put on implementation for next Academic Year 2019-2020.

Being a ‘TOOL OF REGULATIONS’, it is a serious issue, CANNOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY as a spelling or language mistake. In true legal sense, it is definitely going to be get violated by all. It is a FAULTY LAW. Therefore, it must be corrected appropriately to convey the intention of the purpose. Both the ‘SPIRIT’ and ‘TEXT’ are equally important in writing a Law. Very often Spirit of the Law is lost mostly due to wrong Text. This is one such beautiful example. Before putting it into practice, let it be get corrected and notified in the Gazette immediately.

Being into illegal Practices on many counts, easily made out from its own routine / regular activities, CoA would not bother. Most of the Academicians don’t have guts to RAISE THIS FLAW before Authorities. Anyhow, once again briefed shortly, why it should be corrected:

1.    The Regulation allows only the Persons eligible who have passed with 50% Marks in the +2 Exams. That means, it excludes all others who scored not only 0 to 49, BUT ALSO 51 TO 100 from becoming eligible. If a word ‘MINIMUM’ is inserted at both the places before the word ‘50%’, then it becomes alright.

2.    The phrase ‘or equivalent’ is normally provided on all such eligibility criteria. It is an accepted ‘Principle in Law’ to keep such provision OPEN only to ensure inclusion of any other eligible Candidate from any other ‘Scheme of Study’ and mainly to save them from ineligible. The old Provision has this. Therefore, it must be added suitably in the Regulation.

3.    The FATE of another large section of 3 Years Diploma holders, who have been made eligible all these years, is not known. By this amendment, their VOCATIONAL RIGHT was suddenly DENIED THEIR CHANCE TO ENHANCE their qualification and from becoming a Competent Professional in their life-time. Hence, they must be included as before.

Please intervene immediately, and whatever to be done, get it done to set-right the matter.

Yours Sincerely,


Prof. R. Ramaraju, Director, DEAR Institute.

Copy mails sent to the Vice President, CoA and concerned Officers of DHE/CoA for their consideration & follow up action.