Sathenagar is named after the celebrated Dalit writer, poet and social activist Annabhau Sathe and its residents – largely from Dalit and Muslim backgrounds – share the struggles of Mumbai’s many self-built communities. Influenced in part by Annabhau’s role in Sathenagar’s creation, many of its residents also share a heightened sense of cultural inheritance and its potential to transform communities.

Evolution of a House
Evolution of a House © Samooha

Sathenagar is not only a morphological organisation of space and structures, reflecting social norms and urban policies but also a place of dense social interaction, where notions of public and private blur into the proximate interactions between people, structures, infrastructures and other forms of life to create specific cultural experiences based on an active awareness of heritage and provenance.

Sathenagar Streetscape
Sathenagar Streetscape © Samooha
Sathenagar Streestscape (left) and Santosh's House (right)
Sathenagar Streestscape (left) and Santosh's House (right) © Samooha