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The Sabarmati riverfront development project in Ahmedabad, impacted the existing Natarani theatre precinct. A major chunk of the stage area was lost to the riverfront edge road and sidewalk rendering the theatre inoperable for several years.

It is in the context of this reality that its renovation was both imperative and desired for its activities to flourish. The new proposed layout not only attempts to mitigate this situation but also reimagines Natarani theatre to improve upon its existing infrastructure and capacity. 

Section: (1) Existing Acoustic Wall, (2) Stage, (3) Stage Structure, (4) RWHT, (5) Amphitheatre Seating, (6) Console Room, (7) Storage, HVAC and Electrical Room, (8) Existing Darpana Academy Building and (9) Deck © indigo architects
© indigo architects
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A state of the art amphitheater, accessible green rooms, utility spaces, improved sound and lighting capabilities with a catwalk over the seating were the main programmatic components of the project. A mandate from our client, Mallika Sarabhai to use every possible strategy to be sustainable helped anchor the new design.