In the midst of this barren landscape, we imagine the campus as a place of retreat, like an Oasis, that is created by resurrecting the landscape. These garden courts become centres of the campus life, facilitating encounters between inhabitants. A main void anchors the entire ensemble, while allowing for multiplicity through creation of several internal courts.

As a student-centric place, the proposal questions existing typologies of campuses to achieve a non-hierarchical typology. Instead of treating academic and residential life as silos, they form an integrated whole. Mixing between zones creates a vibrant campus. The campus is a dense, self-shaded ensemble, with multiple variations possible within an established order. Interconnectivity between courts and paths allows one to discover the unfolding oasis.

Considering that campuses are built incrementally, deployment of a simple module allows different programmatic components to grow in phases. Through a modular steel frame structure, a pre-fabricated approach towards construction is adopted.

08: Unfolding Oasis, 2017
08: Unfolding Oasis, 2017 © Studio MADe
Model, Unfolding Oasis
Model, Unfolding Oasis © Studio MADe