The design proposal for the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi is rooted in the belief that space for recreation is essential in a city and that this space should not merely exist for recreation.

Plan 0
Plan 0: 1. Vehicular Entrance for the Academic Facility, 2. Parking Lot for the Academic Facility (G+B), 3. Administration, 4. Cafe, 5. Studios, 6. Lecture Rooms, 7. Offices, 8. Campus Centre, 9. Study Area, 10. Games Room, 11. Health Centre, 12. Vehicular Entrance for Residential Facility, 13. Parking lot for the Residential Facility (G+B1+B2), 14. Outdoor Sports Plaza, 15. Orchard, 16. Pedestrian Entry © Architecture BRIO + Parallax Design Studio

The location of the site puts the proposed school campus not just adjacent to, but within the eco-system of the Delhi Ridge. The campus design seeks to maintain and enhance these eco-systems. A variety of landscapes are created using the characteristics of the topography, climate and vegetation cover.

Phasing, with Phase 1 (top) and Phases 2 + 3 (bottom)
Phasing, with Phase 1 (top) and Phases 2 + 3 (bottom): Phase 1 (Year 0): The academic blocks get organised on either side of the canyon defining the movement spine through the site and pedestrian plaza defines the northern edge of the canyon entrance. Phase 2 (Year 5): Additional Academic Blocks begin to define the secondary, east-west axis of movement along the preserved forest area and the proposed fruit orchard. Phase 3 (Year 15): This completes the final organisation of the campus, the site will have a total of three vehicular access points: (a) principal entry, (b) residential entry and (c) the secondary academic entry on the west side. © Architecture BRIO + Parallax Design Studio
Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches © Architecture BRIO + Parallax Design Studio

The experience of a city can only be positive when the there is an intricate network of open, public and recreational spaces with a variety of uses, ranging in scale and differing in potential activities:play, sports, shopping, walking, gathering, etc. The Open Campus will add to this network with an almost iconic public space: ‘the Canyon’.