The office for Biome is built over an older building.

West Elevaton
West Elevaton © Biome Environmental Solutions

The owners had found the use of the upper floor to be redundant for them and were seeking to rent it out. An additional floor was added for this purpose. The project presented an opportunity to apply and test some new ideas in space, technique and material.

First Floor Plan
First Floor Plan: 1. Terrace Garden, 2. Workshop Area, 3. Reception, 4. Verandah, 5-6. Meeting Rooms 1 & 2, 7. Kitchen, 8. Toilet, 9. Dining, 10. Library and QS Space, 11. Workspace, 12. Model Making Space, 13. Open Bath, 14. Open Terrace, 15. Mezzanine - Workspace © Biome Environmental Solutions
Office Space
Office Space © Vivek Muthuramalingam/Biome Environmental Solutions

Given that a floor was to be added to an older foundation, the additions were kept as light as possible. The use of steel columns for support and metal roofs was guided by this rationale. This also allowed for a design where space visually connected across various levels.