The brief was to follow the intent of the Waldorf system of Education but be within the bye-laws laid by the Tamil Nadu Board of education. Waldorf system stresses hugely on child-centric education wherein more impetus is given on mental, spiritual, physical and psychological than only the academics.

Section A-A'
Section A-A': 14. Stage, 15. Amphitheater, 23. Arts and Craft © Biome Environmental Solutions
Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan: 1. Entrance Lobby, 2. Admin Office, 3. Principal's Office, 4. Staff Room, 5. Boys' Toilet, 6. Girls' Toilet, 7. Accessible Toilet, 8. Kindergarten, 9. Training Kitchen, 10. Classroom, 11. Meeting Room, 12. Caves, 14. Stage, 15. Amphitheater, 16. Train, 17. Tunnel, 18. Whirl-birl, 19. Sand Pit, 20. Pond, 21. Bridge, 22. Carpentary, 23. Arts and Craft, 24. Sick Room, 25. Computer Lab, 26. Electrical Room © Biome Environmental Solutions
© Vivek Muthuramalingam/Biome Environmental Solutions

So while conventional classrooms are provided there is ample space and details added to make the kindergarten and primary wing, which is the present first phase, to accommodate and encourage activity-based group learning. An individual classroom has three spaces – a space where the teacher leads with the blackboard and seating circled areas where group activity occurs with walls provided with a facility to hang works of children and nooks which allow for individual contemplation.