This has reference to the current crisis in architectural education in India brought about by the sudden decision of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) to terminate the memorandum of understanding between AICTE and the Council of Architecture (COA). In this regard, the colleges and schools of Architecture have received communication from the AICTE that henceforth the AICTE alone would have the power and responsibility to control and regulate architectural education.

In this regard, the colleges and schools of Architecture have received communication from the AICTE that henceforth the AICTE alone would have the power and responsibility to control and regulate architectural education.

However,as we understand the Council of Architecture has the power to control and regulate architectural education and profession of architecture, as per the provision of the Architects Act 1972.

We all are aware that the Council of Architecture is empowered to register archietcts with recognized qualifications on its rolls for controlling the profession of architecture in India. Such qualifications, given by 108 colleges in India and 115 foreign qualifications, are based on the Minimum Standards of Architectural Education Regulations 1983, which have the sanction of Central Government and were published in the official gazatte by the Government of India. In such a situation, the colleges and schools of architecture are required to answer and report to two separate councils established by the Governmetn leading to unnecessary duplication and complications apart from sheer waste of time, energy and resources.

We need to discuss these and related issues deeply and rationally to find out what is the best way to resolve the crisis and convey our feelings and thoughts on the subject to the Government. Since the matter involves the future of architectural education and profession, it is indeed imperative that we take a joint and united stand on the issue and do all that is humanly possible to correct the situation before it gets out of hand.

We, therefore, request the heads and representatives of the schools and colleges to participate in a special meeting to be held at Dept. of Architecture,CSIIT, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, on December 27, 2003 at 11.00 a.m.

In the meanwhile, the issues concern the community of architects, educators and students of architecture in India and it would be appropriate to discuss the issues on the forum.1


    In the context of 40 years of planned development of national economy, Architectural education in India has come a long way. From a mere one school we have now grown into a network of about 40 schools, spread all over the country. It is time to unite our schools into an all India body to represent the entire network at various levels, to resolve the problems and issues related to architectural education, and elevate the standard of Architectural education in India. The Indian Association of Schools of Architecture will be concerned with the qualitative improvement of architectural education, in order to prepare the young architects to shoulder the challenge of national development. Towards this aim we hereby resolve to constitute the Indian Association of Schools of Architecture and adopt the following goals and objectives for the same.

    Goals and Objectives:

    1. To bring all the schools of architecture under one organization for the development of architectural education in India and to enhance the quality of architectural education and management.
    2. To act as a common platform to deliberate and evolve strategies for architectural education.
    3. To undertake periodic review of the educational environment to identify issues and problems, and to search for ways of overcoming the same.
    4. To provide avenues of exchange of educational experience and expertise among the member-schools.
    5. To conduct activities such as seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences, lectures, audio-visual programmes, publishing of literature related to these activities and similar other activities to promote the cause of architectural education.
    6. To evolve special programmes for training of young graduates who wish to take up teaching as a career.
    7. To formulate refresher and intensive courses to enhance the quality of teachers in architecture.
    8. To organize continuing education programmes for practicing architects and planners.
    9. To study and identify the specific needs of various regions as regards to architectural education at graduate and post-graduate levels. To formulate guidelines for architectural research and create educational facilities in various regions.
    10. To assist organization of vocational and trade courses related to architectural profession such as architectural draught-persons, supervisors, clerk-of-works, crafts persons and skilled workers.
    11. To advise universities and educational departments of Government and professional organizations in the field of architectural education.
    12. To interact with professional bodies of allied disciplines at regional, national and international levels and to nominate representatives to national and international conferences and events.
    13. To create an all India library of teaching-aids such as video cassettes, a/v programmes, slides, books, drawings, documents, periodicals, films etc.
    14. To collect, print and distribute information, papers and related materials to various member schools.
    15. To publish a newsletter and magazines and text books on the subject of architectural and allied subjects useful for students and teachers.

    We, the Heads of the Schools and members of the faculty hereby adopt these goals and objectives and appoint the following members to prepare a draft constitution, which shall be discussed and adopted at the forthcoming national convention of the Indian Institute of Architects to be held at Nagpur on February 12-13, 1988.


    1. Prof. S.H. Wandrekar, Chairman 
      Director, Academy of Architecture, Bombay.
    2. Dr. Ananthakrishnan, Vice-Chairman
      H.O.D., Department of Architecture, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.
    3. Prof. Gurunath Dalvi, Member 
      Principal, L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Bombay.
    4. Prof. Ganu, Member
      H.O. D., Department of Architecture, V.R.E C., Nagpur,
    5. Ar. Akhtar Chauhan, Secretary 
      Journal of the Indian Institue of Architects, I.I.A., Bombay

    Signed by

    1. Prof. S.H. Wandrekar, Academy of Architecture, Bombay
    2. Prof. A.D.Sroji, Dept. of Arch., College of Engineering and Technology, Akola
    3. Ar. Dilip Jade, Dept of Arch., College of Engineering and Technology, Akola
    4. Prof. Dilip Patil, MM College of Architecture, Pune.
    5. Ar. S.R. Samant, L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Bombay
    6. Prof. K.A.Patil, Malnad College of Architecture, Hasan, Karnataka
    7. Prof. S.A. Tungare, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Bombay.
    8. Prof. Ashalatha Thampuran, Dept. of Architecture, College of Engineering, Trivendrum.
    9. Ar. P.J. Dharmaraj, J.N.T.U. College of Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad.
    10. Ar. Akhtar Chauhan, Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai.

    Dated 14th January 1988, 
    Manipal, Karnataka, India.