SHANTI – TOWNE: For once in your lifetime you are entitled to dream. Features:   4 acres in the heart of Indore   800 single room dwellings designed on traditional lines.   Shared hand pump on road edge with weekly tanker supply   No drainage, no sewer lines, no maintenance, no problems   Design facilities integration   Built in spirit of community living   Ideally located in affluent area for easy employment   Limitless electric power available by tapping nearby cable   No escalation in sale price till colony regularized by local MP. Selfless Builders Ltd. DGII/II, Chander Nagar, Opp. DAV School, Near Ramprastha Bought to you by a name that has shaped the real estate horizon of Indore with highly successful projects, Shanti-Towne is an Opportunity that comes your way once in a life time. Sample Tenement Ready Early Possession Construction in full swing
Contextual Contradictions
Contextual Contradictions: - By Our Glib ReporterIt is an undestatement to say that celebrity DJ Rashmi Kakkar's new designer home is a celebration of minimalist modernity. For it is much more than that. It is a statement of contextual clarity, and traditional purity. Rashmi herself clad in an all glass see through nightie greeted us at the glazed entrance looking radiant against the Kerala palm placed with a nonchalant ease against a backdrop of carelessly strewn children from her first marriage. The compositional clarity of the entrance itself was striking. What was inside and what was outside, was delineated with deliberate cold conviction. And yet, in many ways the entrance also reflected the duality of this side and that side in a manner that was both structural and confrontational. Structural because of the heavy almost wooden door placed deliberately between the two contrasting spatial realms. Confrontational because of the ease with which Rashmi stood as a distillation of the human condition - a fleshy construct, exposed, vulnerable and against the profusion of plant life, almost irredeemably provocative. Symbolically, out of context, the imitation Mahogany sofa formed a gravitational focus to the Bloplast chairs arranged off-centre to suggest the fragility of urban life. Given to underdeveloped sociological instinct, it could easily have led to programmatic misunderstanding and hence spatial and visual embarassement. But the interior designer was rightfully exercising his or her prerogative to determine the positive constraints of the Genus Loci. In so doing, the floor had been cleverly placed directly on the ground. Yet, it was clever without being smart, arrogant without a hint of self-righteousness. Further in, the juxtapositions got more violent. A period center table, part Bolivian, part Chinese, was turned at an angle to suggest an attitude of psychological disorientation and create a playful schaema that crossed conventional ornamentation bounds and just lay there mocking 'Try me, you bastard, just try me.' Fooled into believing that we were only pawns in this game of simulated multifunctionality, we headed unknowingly into the lyrical cadences of the dining area, where the ordinary needs of a construction science had met their match in a metaphysical balance of such complexity that it was hard to separate the delicate nuances from the standard subtleties. For there, in the midst of the room, topped by a table cloth generously stained by dal was a metaphor so utterly contemporary and volumetric, that it was hard not to be fooled into corruptive design paradox. Directly behind, was an old fridge, shaking vigorously in the summer heat, and through its actions making it abundantly clear that the deeper structure of the interior professes fundamental linkages to contemporary contradictions inherent in the ambiguity between barbaric functionality and emotive traditionalism, both of which were very close to Rashmi Kakar's heart. She removed her glass dress for fear of compositional disparity and we proceeded into the bedroom.
Rottanlal Furniture Copiers
Rottanlal Furniture Copiers: Messers Rottanlal Furniture Copiers and Sons Limited.Largest firm of furniture copiers in Asia.Established 1929.Raghubir Rattanlal copied his first Georgian Dinning Table, side Credenza and Elizabethan Sofa Set for B.N. Aggarwal, the then head of Aggarwal Pipes and Sanitary suppliers of Rhotak. Since then the firm has moved from one success to another, supplying French Provincial, German Rococo, Italian and Spanish furniture to a vast range of professionals, and industrialists and politicians including K.C. Khanna Truckers, Ludhiana B.R.Mishra (Independent MLA Haryana). C.P.Ahuja, Assistant Engineer, Meerut water works to name just a few.The best work is already done, so why be original. We copy only from the best designs working directly from foreign catalogues. Furniture available in all natural wood, or all natural wood covered in veneer, or plastic.Ask for our Catalogue today at 2631-0142 and we will laugh at you and tell you to bring your own catalogue.Rattanlal Furniture Copiers17/136 B Kasturi Galli, Behind Kasturi Lane, Chandini Bazzaar. Ludhiana 300614
The Foyer of the Kakkar Residence done in Early Marwari Gothic
The Foyer of the Kakkar Residence done in Early Marwari Gothic
BOLD PERSONAL BROODING: Sarkar Retrospective By Our Pretentious Art CriticA major retrospective of Kolkata-based artist RP Sarkar was held at the National Museum recently, and as a local art critic of international repute I was invited to a private viewing before the doors were thrown open to the public. The artist’s only painting on which he worked for 60 years was displayed in the Central Gallery. A complete one page catalogue of works entitled ‘Complete Works of RP Sarkar,’ was released by the president of India, and lay on the floor till the sweeper removed it the next morning. Excerpts:The picture was indeed powerful. It was difficult not to be moved by it. Its duality was oppressive and suppressive. As a critic of international repute, I quickly noted both the sophisticated draughtsmanship and the casual, almost arrogantly opportunistic brush strokes. So lyrical, and yet so diabolical, even rude, in an expressionistic sort of way. Clumsy to the inexperienced eye, but highly painterly to the practiced one. To my mind, the artist had captured a peculiarly modern condition – that of loneliness in a crowd, by cleverly using the girl’s breasts as a metaphor, for both abundance and abandonment. Thought the girl was in the company of her lover, her pose was indicative of social estrangement. Her aloneness was frugal and exemplary, coupled with the complexity of her own thoughts – the sense of utter despair and alienation, the unrealized breadth of human misery, with it’s immensely appealing universal quality. Despite the artist’s conservative Baroda School training, there was a bold, personal almost self-taught style of stroke-making at play. It’s aesthetic quality I found exceptionally gratifying, though when I speak or it in painterly terms, it is not to mistake it for other more common attributes of the art, like beauty or enjoyment, or cost or size of frame.It is more out of the human need of curiosity, the notion of submitting completely to the here and now, in the natural course of ‘inquiry’. Here I do not differentiate between inquiry and enquiry. Still, a note of caution, the actual interpretation of the painting is extremely complex, both figuratively, if there are figures in it, and rationally, if the painter’s sugar ration form part of the composition. Naturally if you find metaphors floating about on its surface, then obviously the artist has progressed to a higher aesthetic plane of inquiry. Here, of course, I would like to distinguish between a hanging metaphor and a metaphor that is swaying lightly in the breeze. But before I do so, it would be important to point out that problems are usually not so critical in the field of aesthetic experience as they are in other areas of life, like dealing with servants or paying off electricity inspectors.So, let me sum up by saying that the practical applications of aesthetics need not be premeditated, like murder, but should be instinctive more in the nature of shoplifting. Frankly speaking, aesthetic perception, or the lack of it, affects nobody, least of all painters and art critics, so it can be easily ignored. However, since aesthetic experience is now institutionalized, just like economic and political upheavals in Africa, earthquakers in Japan, and peace conferences on the Middle East, it has become hemmed in by it’s own set of rules.These are available in a lucid manual called Carrers in ART: Government of India Publication No.23/B/97ATTN: ART COLLECTORS26 year old accountant with degree in company accounting from Government College, Meerut and working in public sector company, now dabbling in art, interested in one-man shows abroad, mainly New York and London. Sale of paintings through auctions at Southbys and Christys will be considered. Interested art collectors and galleries kindly contact Raj Chawla, Asst. Controller, Excise Tax, Central Warehouse Corporation, Near Surat Talkies. Surat-4
Art Xerox Inc
Art Xerox Inc: Sale on great Indian Art and Great Indian Artists. No longer at reasonable rates but CHEAP. Original currently available:2 Nos. Girl by the Window – Anjolie Ela MenonWith original signature Rs.15000/-With fake signature Rs.4000/-3 Nos. Faces, Arms & Legs Floating About – MF HussainWith original signature Rs.12000/-With rubber stamp Rs.75/-6 Nos. Round Thing Against Square Thing – Satish GujralWith original frame Rs.26000/-With polythene wrapping Rs.53000/-With free Titan watch Rs. 60000/-4 Nos. Circle in Circle in Another Circle – A.RazaWith 5 circles Rs.8000/-With 3 circles Rs.5600/-2 Nos. Woman with Large Distended Breasts – Jatin DasWith both breasts Rs.65000/-With one breasts Rs.60000/-And many other originals. All made by our own studio artists working tirelessly at low salaries in slum conditions right here at our own Tirlokpuri Factory. Come visit our website right here on our factory computer. Only 35 minutes from Tirlokpuri Pumping Station.
INDICA ANTIQUA: India’s largest dealer of rare antiques and memorabilia, now GOES ONLINE [email protected]: The complete website of Indian Exotica, at reasonable prices. Currently in stock: 2 Nos. shore temples from Mahabalipuram $ 50,000/- per temple. Free Rath with purchase of both temples. 12 Nos. Cave Paintings from Ajanta Cave Painting $ 2000 per each With Cave $ 2200 per each 3 Nos. Bathing Ghats from Varanasi $ 500 per ghat 2 Nos. 12th Century Stone Temples from Khajuraho $ 25,000 per each with Erotic Frieze $ 200,000 per each 1 Nos. Babri Masjid. Slightly damaged. Rs.8000/- per each 1 Nos. Constitution of India. Original, never used. Rs.2500/- per each 1 Nos. Atal Bihari Vajpayee from Delhi $ 35,000 per each with poems $ 2,000 per each All items are subject to Government of India Illicit Trade in Rare Items Tax at 2% exclusive of shipping and handling and all customs and excise duties Indica Antiqua A subsidiary of the Archaeological Survey of India 53, Harbhana Bazzar, Jhansi-5, MP
BOLD PERSONAL BROODING Charpai-pe-Mohabbat: Directed by: Harsh ChopraProduced by: Harsh ChopraCensored by: Harsh ChopraDistributed by: Harsh ChopraViewed by: Rohini ChopraBanned by: Harsh ChopraAn extraordinary new film by Harsh Chopra, belonging to the hand-held camera genre, Charpai-pe-Mohabbat is a Tamil film, dubbed in Assamese, and shot on location in Ghaziabad, about Madhu, an English school teacher’s good-natured daughter, with high spirits, and fine bone structure growing up in a major North Indian metropolis near Ghaziabad, and learning to endure, the quality of urban life it offers: fair price shops with adulterated sugar, social clubs with 30 year membership waiting lists, hotels serving as brothels, airports with a choice of Pre-paid Taxi services, and engineering machine tools fairs for Sunday family entertainment.While at the Lady Jennifer Harding Girls College – renamed Lady Jamila Krantibhai Mahila College – she meets and marries her co-student Baljit, a hefty Punjabi who had strayed on to the campus when no one was looking, and managed to stay long enough to complete his degree in genetic engineeringThe movie cuts to the scene after their wedding. With Baljit flying off to Texas to become a Basmati rice farmer, Madhu is now in the loving care of her in-laws. Life in the new house – despite the long working hours and poor pay – is good. Her mother-in-law is kind hearted, and serves her a range of fancy vegetarian dishes. Madhu loves the spice range she uses, even though there is a distinct smell of Flit in the mashed potatoes, and Baygon in the Eggplant Parmesan. In return, Madhu spends time massaging her mother-inlaw’s feet, occasionally even taking her out vegetable shopping on the brand new Atlas cycle rickshaw that has been gifted to her on an easy payment three year plan.MODELING OppurtinityLucknow based modeling agency requires progressive girls age 18-25 for important assignment that may lead to a Bollywood offer. Send nude photographs; better still come for nude interview at 9 p.m 17/c Banarsidas Lane, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.MAFIA DON WITH $ 4 BILLION IN DRUG MONEY WISHES TO INVEST IN WHOLESOME FAMILY FILM.Send plot to:ROCKY BALA SUITE 2 DUBAI HILTON 7 AL-RASHID BOULEVARD DUBAI-8