Bangalore is considered the information technology capital of India and the boom in real estate has seen the ubiquitous mushrooming of the structural glass and aluminum clad facades, external to any organizational clarity. In the central business district where this project is located, space and light are at a premium as buildings sit in close proximity. 

© Mathew & Ghosh Architects

This is the corporate office of a business house with diverse interests. Located in a dead end street situation in the central business district it occupies about 10,000 square feet of floor area.

This is a building that attempts to work around the idea of splicing the self contained urban box with light wedges - almost like courts, that functionally divide the block into 3 independent segments. These can be read as functional divisions that have developed as the work culture and hierarchy of the business house over 2 generations. The front becomes the most private and isolated set of cells for the managers, the middle becomes the zone of meeting together / outsiders at each level and the rear is the general staff area. Each bay has thus also been designed as a structurally self-contained one, allowing continuous expanses of glass in the light wedges.

Within this urban box there is a private realm that opens itself to the outside selectively and as the clouds go by, the inside of the building takes innumerable nuances of sunlight in all it shades of color, the grayness of the clouds and the hues of the rainbow.